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What people are saying
  • Mr. Abel Gilbert is a great realtor, very professional, and Honest. He made my wife and I our dream come true, buy our home. He understood our needs and helped us find and get exactly what we wanted. Thank you Abel, and may God bless you.
    Joe Diaz - Helped me buy a home
  • We definitely recommend Abel, he helped us to buy our first house in Miami. He's really professional, responsible and moreover very nice! He gave us many good advices on the process, the neighborhoods, always available.
    You can trust this guy 100%!!
    Laetitia Bonnaud - Helped me buy a home
  • Abel fue muy atento con nosotros y nos ayudó muchísimo. Antes de encontrar a Abel trabajamos con algunos realtors pero no tuvimos buenos resultados. Después de comprar la casa hemos seguido en contacto con Abel y nos a ayudado mucho con el proceso de remodelación de nuestro nuevo hogar. Definitivamente recomiendo que trabajen con Abel.
    Martha Alvarez - Helped me buy a home

Miami is the ideal city to Live, Invest, and Enjoy. I specialize on identifying opportunities and making them available to my exclusive clients.

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